Sono Eliane Anderson Kei

This article is about Sono, a character in the Kukidist Mythology. If you are looking for information on Angela "Sono" Long, the mythology's author, please follow the link provided.

Vital Information

Species: Een
Subspecies: Domestic
Color: Dark Grey, Gold-Yellow
Status: Immortal
Occupation: Emissary of the Western Goddess
Height: 36 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Location: Shrine of the Tiger, Western Compass

Character Outline

Sono is the leader of the thread of eens living in and around the shrine of Caroline, the goddess of Motherhood and Western Compass. She is generally a cheerful friendly creature and is very devoted to Caroline and her thread. She does not understand exactly why the people of Compass have turned against the gods, which resulted in the murder of most of her thread, leaving only herself, K, Si, and Shibae.

Because of the shrine party's close ties to Caroline they are clasified as domestic eens. Sono can fluently speak the "Language of the People" (English) and the "Language of the Gods" (Invsid). She was taught this as a kit, like most members of her thread, in order to be able to help visitors to the shrine.

Character History

Sono is the daughter of Jualia Arwen Kei and Mathau Nanthanal Anderson. Her father is from an urban thread living in Kin Caroline. Her mother was born to the shrine party's thread. Sono does not decend for the thread's initial alpha bloodline, as her great grandmother migrated to the shrine from the northern end of the Western Region. She was raised as an attendant and kept out of the hunting party because of her small stature.

During the time of the attack on the shrine party, Sono, accompanied by K and Si, was away on an assignment as a courier, retrieving an artifact from her father's old thread in Kin Caroline to be placed in the shrine. They returned to fine Shibae, one of the Shrine Guards beaten and wounded nearly to death, and the rest of the thread murdered, several stipped of their pelts but most just left dead on the ground. Sono nursed Shibae while K and Si burried their kin behind the shrine.

Once Shibae's injuries had been treated the thread was visited by their Goddess and Sono was offered the position of the new alpha of the shrine party and Caroline's emisary. Sono accepted gratefully, having no other alternative as she was the only surviving female of the thread. After her coronation Sono fell into a brief depression, which was put to rest by the encouragement of her thread-mates.

As soon as things were back to a state of relative normalcy, Sono decided to set out and learn what had happened to provoke the killing of her thread and see if the same thing had happened elsewhere.

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