Vital Information

Natural Form: Wolf
Unnatrual Form: none
Color: Black
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: God of Youth
Height: 40 inches
Weight: 135 pounds
Location: Haven/Canis

Character Outline

Seraph was one of the early secondary gods, created to watch over Canis. He is the husband of Anayu and is the father of four children, Zero, One, Dos, and Ameraoq. Ameraoq is his only mortal child, and the first Canid.

It is said that Seraph and hie wife created the rest of the original members of the Canid race, out of the snow on Canis's surface, which is why Canids have some abilities pertaining to ice and snow.

Seraph is rather indifferent toward Tsuki, but tends to avoid her since it would cause dramatic conflict with Anayu. He is however very very fond of his daughter-in-law, Silvera and her children.

He currently spends most of his time residing in the Haven sparring with his grandson Kapugen

Character History

Seraph and his wife Anayu were created by Nanami to make something useful out of a prototype world she had created. They were given free reign over it and the ability to create races as they saw fit, or request races from other worlds Nanami had created. After life and society had been sucessfully established, they claimed an area of the Godlands for themselves to watch their world grow, dubbing it Haven, and allowing it to become the Canid afterworld.

He and Anayu are completely displaced from the civil war among the Kukidist Godhood.

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