Vital Information

Natural Form: Scythe
Unnatrual Form: Human
Color: Dark Grey/Black
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: God of Travel
Height: 74 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Location: Servant's Crossing

Character Outline

Roninta is a high ranking member of the Secondary Gods. He was created by Kinzoku to serve as an aid to Ling. His purpose was to allow Ling to travel between worlds to collect souls. Along with him, Kinzoku created his sister Deucha. He is married to Gaigen and is the father of Kaden.

Roninta is a very quiet, withdrawn man. His personality borders on anti-social and he spends most of his time either working with Deucha, or standing guard at Servant's Crossing to make sure that no one travels between worlds unauthorized.

Character History

Roninta was created alongside Deucha by Kinzoku as an aid to Ling. When the war started, Ling, being an elder of the family, had to go participate in the war. Thus Roninta was left to pick up the slack. He often receives help from Lust and Kinzoku, especially after The Fall Of The Priests, which pushed Roninta nearly to the limits of his life.

Roninta is very much, and very openly, opposed to the war due to the effects it's has on both the world, and the various Holy Families.

Category: Lower Godhood
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