Lorena Seres Noble

Vital Information

Natural Form: Human
Unnatrual Form: none
Status: Mortal
Occupation: KukidistPriest, Fugitive, Holy Soldier
Height: 86 inches
Weight: 210 pounds
Location: Cardinal

Character Outline

Character History

Lorena was born the first child of Julia Noble and James Noble. She was born two years after the Great Rebellion in a small town close to the border of the North Quadrant and the East Quadrant. As a child, her mother told her stories about the gods as bedtime stories and as she got older she became interested in the Godhood and began to teach herself Ritual Kukidism from books.

Julia, proud of her daughter's achievements, began to practice as well, much to James's chagrin. This put Lorena and her mother at odds with James and began to somewhat estrange him from the family. The Noble women became more serious about the practice, and when Annette was born, Lorena immediately began telling her myths and teaching her Ritual prayer.

Julia began getting sick not long after Annette was born, but she continued to take care of her family and practice prayer. It was at this point that James began to physically abuse his family,

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