Kukidist Dragons

There are four primary species of dragon living in compass. They are divided by region and considered the guardians of the region's patron god. In the god's primary shrine a group of anywhere from four to ten of the region's dragons can be found. This is the god's "shrine party" and act as the god's messengers for prayers and requests.

Northern Dragons: Krame

Krame are serpentine canine dragons. They posess the ability to fly even though they do not have wings.
Shrine Party: Unknown

Eastern Dragons: Scathe

Southern Dragons: Daun

Western Dragons: Een

Eens are flightless mamalian wyverns. They posess two sets of ears in order to better hear close and distant sounds. They are capable of human speech if taught. They are yht only species of dragon that is still domesticated.
Shrine Party: Sono, K, Si, Shibae.

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