Krame are a species of canine-serpent dragon. They have the fore-body of a dog or wolf and the hind body much like a snake's. Krame only have two legs. Even though Krame do not have wings, they are capable of flight. They are Seiran's shrine dragon and only found in the northern region of Compass.


Krame are generally the size of a large dog, their tails at the widest being a foot in diameter. Males have a large mane over their head and shoulders, while females do not. Their incisors are very large and tend to be visible even when their moths are closed. Their fur colors are usually earth tones (Brown, Black, Green, Wark Grey, ect.).


Krame are located in the northern region of Compass. Whiel they are found all over the region, the population is higher in the north-east area than anywhere else in the region.

Social Structure

Krame are solitary creatures usually living in small groups called "nets" of no more than 5 or 6. The only exceptions are some nets in the north-east area of Seiran's territory where nets have been known to reach up to 20 members.

Males are technically the dominant gender in the Krame species, but the alpha male is usually the only male that will dispute a female Krame's actions, as most females in the net will outrank all males other than the alpha. They are not territorial and will not disupte other nets over territory uness it is a maternity den.

Krame mate by season and males will spend a full year within the female's net until he is no longer needed there the following summer. Females will remain together in a net for their entire lives, usually around one specific den.

Krame birth via eggs, usually 2-3 at a time. The incubation period is three months and they are usually laid at the end of summer, incubated over spring, and hatched in early fall. That way by winter their full coats are grown in and they are prepared for the winter ahead.


Krame communicate via barks, hisses, and howls as well as extensive body language.


Krame are carnivores and usually hunt small game like birds, rabbits, and badgers.

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