A kithaine (sometimes shortened to "kith") is one of the two major races in Compass alongside humans. Kithaine exist in two forms; a "natural" (animal) form and an "unnatural" (human) form. They are mostly present in their unnatural form, but can shift between both at will.

"Straight-Blooded" Kithaine are members of the race whose natural form is of a single animal (not something more like a chimera). They very rarely show traits of their natural forms while in their unnatural forms.

But due to many years of existence and cross breeding between subspecies, most Kithaine fall into the category of "Mixed-Blooded" Kithaine. These are Kithaine who are descended from more than one subspecies bloodline (such as Yubon Kairo who's bloodline is cat, horse, and goat). Their subspecies is listed as whichever genetics are most dominant in their natural form (ex. - Yubon's subspecies is listed as "cat"). They always show some trait of their naural form while in their unnatural form.

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