Vital Information

Natural Form: Human
Unnatrual Form: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: God of Metal
Height: 50 inches
Weight: 95 pounds
Location: Unknown

Character Outline

Kinzoku is one of the secondary Compass Gods. Her point is SouthWest and she is the second youngest of the four secondary Compass Gods. She is the daughter of Seiran and Caroline. She is closest with his younger brother Dietrich.

Kinzoku is a reclusive, but very hard working young goddess. She has a smith somewhere within the Western region, and it is thought to be within the large mountain range to the east of KinCaroline, but it's exact location is unknown. Kinzoku is often sought by other gods for materials and weaponry, though she rarely complies. One of the few exceptions was when she crafted Roninta and Deucha for Ling. She remains occasionally in contact with Roninta.

Kinzoku very strongly believes in the value of a close family and is very protective of her parents and siblings, especially of her younger brother Dietrich and his wife and son.

Character History

Kinzoku was the third born of the four secondary compass gods, and is the daughter of Caroline and Seiran. She has been known to be seen in her mother's Capital city, KinCaroline, which was named for both she and her mother.

She is the only secondary Compass God to have an intimate interaction with the Upper Godhood, due to her standing with Ling and creating the Artifact-Gods; Roninta, Deucha, and Gaigen.

Kinzoku does not often concern herself with the war, and has only been known to discuss it with Roninta and Gaigen. Kinzoku is against the war, in the aspect that it is disturbing the balance of her family and her world. She does however know her place and has refrained from meddling in the affairs of high gods.

Category: Lower Godhood // Western Compass
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