Vital Information

Natural Form: Dragon
Unnatrual Form: Human
Color: Varying shades of blue and green-blue.
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: God of War and Water
Height: 80 inches
Weight: 225 pounds
Location: Unknown

Character Outline

Junpei is one of the Cardinal Compass Gods. His point is East, his element being water. He is the third oldest of the Cardnal Compass Gods, behind Seiran and Caroline. He is the father of Plague and Dietrich. His city is Jun Trich, named after his youngest son and himself.

Junpei is the strongest of all eight Compass Gods, a fact which is seldom forgotten by anyone. His terrain is the most difficult to navigate and his High Shrine is nearly impossible to get to unless you travel by air accompanied by a member of his shrine party. He is highly protective of his siblings, children, dragons, and capital and has been known to personally dispose of anyone who decided to move against it.

Junpei is the creator of the scathe dragons, his personal shrine beasts. Junpei's dragons are by far the largest of the four dragon species even from birth. His dragons as a while were nearly unaffected by the rebellion in the country, as they are, on the whole, a species adept in fighting and had the advantage in size and power over their enemies.

Character History

Jupei was created by Nanami along with his siblings as one of the Guardians of Compass and was placed in charge of the Eastern region. He was put on the divine council as the representitive for the Eastern Region of Compass. He in charge or bringing news of the overall region and all of the non-human clans within the region. He has been on the council since it's founding meeting.

Junpei openly voices that he is against the Civil War going on between the high gods, as it has disrupted Compass. He is the most vocal in the lower godhood on this opinion, and is the only one who has threatened to take action against the High Gods themselves if they don't, to quote him, "cut the shit and grow up".

Category: Lower Godhood // Eastern Compass
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