Vital Information

Natural Form: Fox
Unnatrual Form: Human
Color: Black, White Points.
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: God of Art and Literature
Height: 68 inches
Weight: 135 pounds
Location: Unknown

Character Outline

Dietrich is one of the secondary Compass Gods. His point is NorthWest and he is the youngest of the four secondary Compass Gods. He is the son of Junpei and Caroline. He is closest with his sister Kinzoku.

Dietrich is a quiet young god with little experience in the ways of actually being a god. He very much looks up to his elders and idolizes the High God Kukido. He seeks knowledge wherever he can obtain it and often writes down everything he is told.

Dietrich is the only one of the four secondary Compass Gods to marry and have children. His wife is Koinu Polaris, goddess of Secrecy. Their son is Silas, the god of the Hunt. He is the most social of all eight of the Compass Gods, often interacting with the remainder of the Lower Godhood (and occasionally the High Godhood), as well as mortals and immortals from various parts of the country and other worlds under the gods' jurisdiction.

Character History

Dietrich was the last born of the four secondary compass gods, and is the son of Caroline and Junpei. He has been known to most often be seen in his father's Capital city, Jun Trich, which was named for both he and his father.

Dietrich frequently and openly questions the war. He does not openly support or oppose it, so his exact position is unknown. He asks the opinions of anyone he can find, using them to form his own judgments, which he has never chosen to share.

Category: Lower Godhood // Eastern Compass
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