Vital Information

Natural Form: White Tiger
Unnatrual Form: Human
Color: White, Blakc Stripes
Status: Secondary God
Occupation: Goddess of Motherhood and Wind
Height: 63 inches
Weight: 115 pounds
Location: Unknown

Character Outline

Caroline is one of the Cardinal Compass Gods. Her point is West, her element being wind. she is the second oldest of the Cardinals after Seiran. She is the mother of Kinzoku and Dietrich. Her city is Kin Caroline, named after her first daughter and herself.

Caroline is an excessivly kind woman, known to frequently travel her region and help those in need. Those who train under her sign are given healing majicks and are known for being loving and hospitable people. In spite of her kindness she is also known to be very strong and very violent if something in her care is threatened. Her strength is second only to that of her brother Junpei.

Caroline is the creator of the een dragons, her personal shrine beasts. Until the time of the rebellion against the gods, she has the largest shrine party of the four Cardinals, and was the most active in her shrine, making regular visits, especially during the birthing season. She also taught them all to fluently speak English and Invsid After the rebellion she appointed the only remaining female of the shrine party as her new emmisary and declared that she would not be making her regular rounds, and would only return of called upon in order to avoid further incident.

Character History

Carloline was created by Nanami along with her siblings as one of the Guardians of Compass and was placed in charge of the Western region. She was put on the divine council as the representitive for the Western Region of Compass. She in charge or bringing news of the overall region and all of the non-human clans within the region. She has been on the council since it's founding meeting.

Caroline has been known to abstain from voicing her position on the ar as she does not side with either Nanami or Tryn and overall does not approve of the war because of the negative effects it has had on Compass as a whole. She has only ever voiced this opinion to Meika and Evantine.

Category: Lower Godhood // Western Compass
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