Amadeus Cross

Vital Information

Species: Kithaine
Subspecies: Snake (Straight-Blood)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Orange-Yellow
Status: Immortal
Occupation: Oroborous, Clothing Designer
Height: 62 inches
Weight: 170 pounds
Location: Kin Caroline, Western Compass

Character Outline

Amadeus is a straight-blood snake Kithaine, who's natural form is a white snake. He is an immortal and performs the duty of "Infinity" for the gods. He is the oroborous (the snake that eats its tail). While he is immortal, he does have a typical life cycle. The only change is that instead of going to the afterworld and having to have his soul reformed for the next life, upon his death his life just starts over with the same body and attributes.

He has ties to several gods, though he does not know some of them are gods. He is tied to the Polaris family and the Maison family through his work a a photographer and fashion designer where Faun Polaris and Darci Maison work as his models. He's also tied to the Sins and Virtues and the Mao family, though he doesn't deal with them quite as often.

He has a daughter named Lorelai who is a Futakuchi-Onna. Amadeus does not know about Lorelai until she arrives one day, grown into her late teens/early twenties demanding to stay with him so that she doesn't have to pay for a college dorm. Amadeus lets her stay, even though he has no proof she is his daughter and never does figure out who her mother is.

Character History

Amadeus was created by Ario to fulfill the duty of "Inifnity". His human form was chosen by Faun Polaris and Darci Maison, who self-appointed themselves as his guardians. He was initially placed in Metria, but was killed during the Great Rebellon. His life was restarted in Kin Caroline, where he lived three lifetimes under various professions and met a series of different deaths.

His most current life brought him into the field of clothing design and photography, which has earned him a rather high degree of fame. He employs both Faun Polaris and Darci Maison as models. When he hired them, he did not know they were gods and simply assumed they were Kithaine.

After several years of working for him, Faun, feeling pity for her friend of several (of his) lifetimes, sat him down and explained to him that he was the Oroborous, an immortal, and that he was fated to live his life over and over. She also explained to him that she and Darci, as well as their families, were gods and that his two best employees had dubbed themselves his guardians.

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